* Banker

* Blood Sport

* Bolt

* Bonecrack

* Break In

* Come to Grief

* Comeback

* The Danger

* Dead Cert

* Decider

* Driving Force

* The Edge

* Enquiry

* Field of Thirteen

* Flying Finish

* For Kicks

* Forfeit

* High Stakes

* Hot Money

* In the Frame

* A Jockey's Life

* Knockdown

* Longshot

* Nerve

* Odds Against

* Proof

* Rat Race

* Reflex

* Risk

* Second Wind

* Slay Ride

* The Sport of Queens

* Straight

* 10 lb. Penalty

* To the Hilt

* Trial Run

* Twice Shy

* Whip Hand

* Wild Horses






"Sweating, thirsty, hot, uncomfortable and tired to the point of explosion. Cynically I counted my woes. Considerable, they were."

Date of Publication: c. 1972 (PB)

Publisher: Pocketbooks (PB)

Foreign Titles: Gefilmt German

Setting: Afrika: Johannesburg; Spain, Berkshire


Main Characters:
Edward Lincoln
Charlie Lincoln, his wife
Conrad, cameraman
Evan Pentelow, director
Aunt Nerissa, fairy godmom to Link
Danilo Cavesey, her nephew
Arknold, trainer
Roderick Hodge, Jo'burg journalist

Edward Lincoln is an actor.
Rod Hodge is an journalist.

Comes after: Bonecrack

Villain and Motives: Spoilers! Click here to reveal the villain!

"We had all grown to like this indigenous thirst quencher, a rough red local wine diluted by ice and a touch of the fruit salads." Link on Sangia

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