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"Anything for an unquiet life."

Date of Publication: 1969 (PB)

Publisher: Pocket Books

Foreign Titles: Hilflos German

Setting: London, Virginia Water, Essex

James Tyrone was a sports writer for the Sunday Blaze with a reputation for sniffing out trouble. When Bert Chekov died a violent "accidental" death after a drunken disclosure, Tyrone smelled a story.

That story led straight to the center of a powerful ring of international intrigue, the middle of a high-finance farce, where somebody wanted silence--and would pay for whatever the cost--whether it be blackmail, extortion or murde.

Main Characters:
James Tyrone, 35 years old
Elizabeth Tyrone, suffers from polio
Luke-John Morton
Derrick "Derry" Clark
Sarah and Harry Hunterson
Gail Pominga, their niece
Victor Roncey
Madge Roncey
Pat Roncey
Charlie Boston, bookie
Major Colly Gibbons
Dr. Antonio Perelli
Vjoersterod, South African bookie
Ross, his chauffeur

James Tyrone is a journalist.
Luke-John Morton is an editor.
Gail Pominga is a fashion designer.

Comes after: Blood Sport

Villain and Motives: Spoilers! Click here to reveal the villain!

Nil nisi bonum.

"Life story ... where shall I start?"
"Start from birth ... and go on from there." *

"They're not exactly alcoholic ... They just go eagerly from drink to drink."

"Let someone else do it."
"That's the classic path to oppression."

"Live now, hurt later."

* Almost as good as "Start from the beginning. Go on to the end, and then stop."
from a book I can't remember.

highlight the area beneath the question to discover the answer
1. What clued Ty into the fact that Bert had indeed sold his column?
when Derry told him that Bert had picked a disproportionate number of nonstarters as certain to win

2. Besides being beat up, under what other conditions did Ty have to drive his wife to Tonio's at the end?
he was drunk

3. What did Ty tell the police was the cause of the car accident at the end?
the chauffeur had a blackout

4. What did Ty say was his first opinion of Tonio?
he didn't like him because he was too good-looking

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