* Banker

* Blood Sport

* Bolt

* Bonecrack

* Break In

* Come to Grief

* Comeback

* The Danger

* Dead Cert

* Decider

* Driving Force

* The Edge

* Enquiry

* Field of Thirteen

* Flying Finish

* For Kicks

* Forfeit

* High Stakes

* Hot Money

* In the Frame

* A Jockey's Life

* Longshot

* Nerve

* Odds Against

* Proof

* Rat Race

* Reflex

* Risk

* Second Wind

* Slay Ride

* Smokescreen

* The Sport of Queens

* Straight

* 10 lb. Penalty

* To the Hilt

* Trial Run

* Twice Shy

* Whip Hand

* Wild Horses






"Mrs. Kerry Sanders looked like no Angel of Death."

Date of Publication: 1974 (PB)

Publisher: Pocket Books (PB)

Foreign Titles: Zuschlag German



Main Characters:
Jonah Dereham
Crispin Dereham, his older brother
Mrs. Kerry Sanders Nicol Brevett, amateur jockey
Pauli Teksa, bloodstock agent
Vic Vincent, bloodstock agent

Jonah Dereham is a bloodstock agent.

Comes after: Slay Ride

Villain and Motives: Spoilers! Click here to reveal the villain!

"What is a fat-arsed hyena-faced bloodsucking son of a sodding bitch? A mongrel."

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