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The Danger

"There was a godawful screwup in Bologna."

Date of Publication: 1984 (PB)

Publisher: Fawcett Crest (PB)

Foreign Titles: Il pericolo Italian; Hrozba Czech; Die Gefahr German

Setting: Italy: Bologna; England: Itchenor, London, Lambourn; United States: Washington, D.C.


Kidnapping is Andrew Douglas's business: they take them, he finds them.

But it isn't so simple when Alessia Cenci, golden-girl jockey, disappears, followed by the young child of a derby winner and the senior steward of the Jockey Club.

From Italy to England to Washington, D.C., Andrew's caseload is suddenly, violently overflowing.

And he must fight triply hard to keep his own name off the growing list of victims.

Main Characters:
Andrew Douglas
Alessia Cenci
Paolo Cenci, her father
Ilaria Cenci, her sister
Enrico Pucinelli
Tony Vine
Miranda Nerrity
John Nerrity
Dominic Nerrity, their son
Detective Superintendant Eagler
Morgan Freemantle
Captain Kent Wagner

Andrew Douglas works for Liberty Market, Ltd. as a security consultant (in kidnap prevention).
Alessia Cenci is a jockey.
Morgan Freemantle is the senior steward of the Jockey Club.
Enrico Pucinelli, Eagler and Kent Wagner are policemen.

Comes after: Banker / Comes before: Proof

Villain and Motives: Click here to reveal the villain.

"It's got a leg, Popsy said.
I stifled a desire to say that as far as I could see it had four."

"Ciao bambino."

"But what he stole, I strove to restore. Where he wantonly laid waste, I tried to rebuild. He crumbled his victims, I worked to make them whole. His satisfaction lay in taking them, mine in seeing them free. [He was] The obverse of me ..."

highlight the area beneath the question to discover the answer

1. What's the name of Nerrity's horse?

2. What nationality does Andrew pretend to be when meeting Giuseppe for the first time?

3. What piece of nature does Alessia compare Andrew to?
a rock

4. What organization did Tony Vine use to be part of?

5. What kind of house did Andrew tell Kent Wagner to look for to find the kidnappers?
One without Halloween pumpkins

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