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"To be repeatedly forgiven destroyed the soul."

Date of Publication: 1984

Publisher: Michael Joseph

Foreign Titles: Weinprobe German

Setting: a Thames-side town, a little ways from Reading

Wine merchant Tony Beach is no stranger to personal tragedy - or to the world of fine vintage of wines. But when hidden hit men literally - and brutally - crash a society party he has, as usual, expertly catered, Tony finds himself caught in the terrifying midst of a mystery that begins with sham scotch and counterfeit claret and escalates to hijacking and murder. Strong drink indeed for a man of otherwise peaceful pleasures who must draw on every reserve of hidden courage to crack a sophisticated scam and to save many lives - especially his own.

Main Characters:
Tony Beach
Jack Hawthorn
Paul Young
Detective Sergeant John Ridger
Gerard McGregor
James d'Alban

Tony Beach is a wine merchant.
Gerard McGregor is an investigative consultant.

Comes after: The Danger

Villain and Motives: Spoilers! Click here to reveal the villain!

The battle must be soon now. It is essential not to show fear to the men, but God, I fear. Why can't I have the courage of my father.

highlight the area beneath the question to discover the answer
1. What kind of drink was Jimmy d'Alban suspicious of in the beginning?

2. What is Gerard's wife's name?

3. Why is Orkney named that?
He was bornt there

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