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"It was necessary to be sternly unemotional."

Date of Publication: 1977

Publisher: Pocket Books paperback

Foreign Titles: Risiko (or Ein Gold-Cup zur Entführung) German

Newbury; Cheltenham (Gold Cup); Minorca

Roland Britten was an amateur steeple-chase jockey and an accountant by profession. But on the morning of March 17 he was following neither pursuit.

On that morning he woke up and found that he couldn't move his hands.

And when he tried to sit up he banged his head on something.

He also could not see. And all he could hear was the noise of an engine, very close by.

He finally decided he was lying in the dark, tied to a generator.

But why? And where? And by whom? And what would happen next?

Main Characters:
Roland Britten
Trevor King
Hilary Margaret Pinlock
Jossie Finch
William Finch
Debbie & Peter
Mrs. Morris
Connaught Powys
Vivian Iverson
Alastair Yardley

Roland Britten is an accountant.
Hilary Pinlock is a headmistress.
William Finch is a trainer.
Alastair Yardley is a sailor.

Comes after: In the Frame

Villain and Motives:
Spoilers! Click here to reveal the villain!

"Dear Ro, Sorry, Love Mum."

"Brilliant deduction. Most constructive. Ha bloody ha."

"Well? What do you say?"
"Er," I said, which was hardly helpful."

"The trouble with warm rooms ... life blasts you when you leave."

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