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Hot Money

"One of these days ... you may win on the nod."

Date of Publication: 1987

Publisher: Fawcett Crest paperback

Foreign Titles: Totes Rennen German

Quantum, a mansion in England.

With his five ex-wives and the nine children between them, it's no great surprise that spectacularly wealthy gold trader Malcolm Pembroke should preside over a motley clan in constant conflict with one another.

But when violent death strikes the least likable of his former spouses, Malcolm himself feels threatened, and he calls on his most capable son, Ian, the family jockey. Ian's task: to protect his father from their nearest, if not always dearest, relatives -- and to delve for the final, critical clue in the darkly buried Pembroke past, simmering with the greed, hate, and vengefulness that could motivate blood to strike against blood.

Alternate Synopsis:
Malcolm is a rich but self made man. He gave each of his children a small trust fund, but one that is not enough to live on with the thought that each should make his or her own way in the world. Some have been successful, some less, so, but most were in need of money when Malcolm's fifth wife, Moira was killed. At the time of the murder, Malcolm was divorcing her and she was asking for a considerable settlement. The police conjecture at first that Malcolm is the killer. There are then two attempts on Malcolm's life, but the police believe he staged them himself. Malcolm knows he is innocent and fears one of his children committed the murder and the attempts on his life. Although he had been estranged from Ian, he realizes he felt he trusts Ian most of his children and calls upon him to be a bodyguard. Ian quickly finds himself in the middle of the in fighting in his large family. Feeling that the best way to protect Malcolm is to discover who the killer is, Ian must get to know his step brothers and sisters and their families, remember the good and bad moments of the past, and determine which of them is a killer. As he investigates, a terrifying murder attempt, the bombing of Malcolm's house also kills both father and son, and it becomes more imperative to discover the killer. Ian finally decides to set a trap for the sibling he suspects.

Main Characters:
The Pembrokes:
Ian, our hero
Malcolm, our hero's philandering father
Donald, our hero's dull half-brother
Helen, the dull half-brother's wife
Serena, half-sister to our hero
Robin, twilight-living son of Malcolm
Thomas more spawn of Malcolm's fruitful loins

The wives:
Moira, murder victim #1 and "rapacious bloodsucking tramp"
Coochie, another dead one

Ian Pembroke was an assistant to a racehourse trainer, but quit his job the day before the events of the novel take place.

Comes after: Bolt

Villain and Motives:
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"My God, I never thought I'd feel like that. I never thought I'd care. I only did it for a jaunt." Malcolm about owning a racehorse.

"Nothing just now. Nothing for quite a while." Lucy about losing her inspiration to write poetry

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