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Blood Sport

"Not that I was too old for her, but that she was too young for me. Too young in experience, understanding, and wickedness."

Date of Publication: 1967 (PB)

Publisher: Pocket Books (PB)

Foreign Titles: Schnappschuß (or Grand Prix für Mord) German

Setting: England: London, Reading, Henley, Ascot; America: New York, Lexington, Rock Springs, Jackson, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Arizona

It wasn't by accident that this particular kidnapping became agent Gene Hawkins' business. He thought it was attempted murder.

From London to New York, Vegas to California, Hawkins tracked his prey, in a game viciously played to the hilt with hundreds of thousands of dollars to the winner.

And Hawkins himself was tracked. By enemies he didn't know -- and didn't even see -- until he got too close.

Main Characters:
Gene Hawkins, 38 years old
Simon Keeble, his boss
Joan Keeble
Lynnie Keeble, their 17 year old daughter
Dave Teller, American owner
Eunice Teller, his English wife
Peter Keeble, Lynnie's brother
Walt Prensela, American insurance investigator
Yola and Matt Clive
Culham James Offen

Gene Hawkins is a screener for the Civil Service. He's a 'major stumbling block in the way of the planting of spies in certain government departments and places like biological warfare research laboratories.'
Yola and Matt Clive run a dude ranch in the Teton Mountain Range.

Comes after: Flying Finish

Villain and Motives:
Spoilers! Click here to reveal the villain.

"Hi...who are you?"
"Anybody's guess," I said with more truth then sense ...

"This is a filthy town," said Walt ... "Give me Chicago."
"Too cold," I said automatically. "Beautiful, but too cold. That freezing wind off the lake ..." WHAT?! It's the best city in the world, Gene! Sheesh.

"I've worked with one or two people like you before ... With your kind ... dying comes easy. It's living takes the guts."

"Better undersexed then sorry."

highlight the area beneath the question to discover the answer

1. Name the three horses that form the central mystery.
Showman, Chrysalis and Allyx

2. Who are Moviemaker and Centigrade?
Showman and Allyx

3. What does Gene sleep with under his pillow? Be very specific.
A Luger (a gun)

4. What has Lynnie just received when she first meets Gene?
Her L plates ... i.e. drivers licence

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