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"Never forget ... that attack and defense are as old as the human race."

Date of Publication: 1986 (PB)

Publisher: Fawcett Crest (PB)

Foreign Titles: Festgenagelt German

Setting: London, England

Champion jockey Kit Fielding involves himself with the affairs of his patron, Princess Cassilia, when a business associate threatens the princess and her family and slays her valuable race horses. Fielding comes to the rescue while dealing with his own love problems and family feud.

Alternate Synopsis:
In Kit Fielding's breakneck world of steeplechase racing, the ultimate catastrophe strikes: someone is shooting horses with a weapon fiendishly called a "human killer." Kit must stop the murderering madness, and everyone in his upper-crust circle becomes a suspect -- the princely rival who's trying to woo his woman, the personal enemy bent on ruining Kit's family, the black-market arms dealer whose plans could imperil the globe. Such dire situations call for drastic measures that a civilized man like Kit must steal himself to use...

Main Characters:
Kit Fielding
Danielle de Brescou, his fiancee
Princess Casilia, her aunt
Roland de Brescou, Casilia's husband
Prince Litsi
Henri Nanterre, French part owner of the de Brecscou-Nanterre Manufacturing Company
Maynard Allardeck, Steward of the Jockey Club
Wykeham Harlow, trainer and titan
Beatrice Bunt

Kit Fielding is a jockey.
Princess Casilia is a princess and an owner.
Danielle works in a television news office.

Comes after: Break In / Comes before: Hot Money

Villain and Motives: Spoilers! Click here to reveal the villain!

"And you, my friend Kit, are damn bloody lucky to have been endowed with the skill to match your desire."

"Your name is Mr. Smith," he said. "Mine is Mr. Jones."
"Such stunning originality."

highlight the area beneath the question to discover the answer

1. What skill does Litsi wish he has?

2. What room is Kit staying in that Mrs. Beatrice Bunt wants so desperately?
the bamboo room

3. Which horse is Wykeham protecting at the very end?

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