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"Choice comes from inside."

Date of Publication: 1993 (HD)

Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons (HD)

Foreign Titles: Lunte German

Setting: Stratton Park Racecourse

Free choice? According to architect, engineer, and jobbing builder Lee Morris, there's no such thing. Choice is preordained by personality, of that the young entrepeneur is sure. Then he becomes invovled with Stratton Park racecourse, which faces ruin at the hands of the combative clan that wholly owns it. Connected with but not related to any of the family's warring factions, he nonetheless is drawn into the fray--reluctant, yet attracted by compulsions he does not fully comprehend.

But when theinfighting turns violent, Lee find he is a major player in a supremely dangerous game. With multimillions on the line and menace edging closer, he wrestles with the most cricitcal decision of his life. One path leads to safety, the other to disaster, even death. Which is which? And does he really have a choice at all?

Main Characters:
Lee Morris
Amanda Morris, his wife
Christopher, Toby, Edward, Neil, Alan and Jamie Morris
Darlington "Dart" Stratton
the Hon. Mrs. Marjorie Binsham
Rebecca Stratton
Keith Stratton
Oliver Wells
Lt. Col. Roger B. Gardner
Conrad Stratton
Hannah Stratton
Mrs. Perdita Faulds
Penelope Faulds
Wilson Yarrow

Lee Morris is an architect and a builder.
Mrs. Perdita Faulds is a hairdresser.

Comes after: Driving Force / Comes before: Wild Horses

Villain and Motives: Spoilers! Click here to reveal the villain!


"Like the Blitz, there's nothing like a bloody disaster to make the English good-humored."

"In the real world ... no one's a total hero day in and day out. No one expects it. You can't do it."

Irrational hatred, the world over, set the furrows flooding with impure blood ...

"He was one of the flashing stars. Different firmament to me."

"People don't get attacked just for being who they are."
"Tell that to the Jews," Dart said.

highlight the area beneath the question to discover the answer
1. How many kids does Lee have by the end of the book?

2. Who is the father of Hannah's son?
her father, Keith

3. Why does Lee like Penelope?
Because she looks like a young Amanda

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