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For Kicks

"You are far too kind to them, Daniel. One of them made me loathe you and the other nearly killed you, and you don't seem to care."

Date of Publication: 1965 (PB)

Publisher: Pocket Books (PB)

Foreign Titles: Der Trick, den keiner kannte German


Daniel Roke wasn't sure what to make of the Earl of October's offer. Ten thousand to leave his flourishing stud farm and cross the world to masquerade as a stable hand?

If the future of racing was really at stake because of a mysterious doping ring--how was he possibly going to sniff it out when everyone else had failed?

Still, he would do it for racing. No, he would do it for the money. Well, to be honest, he would do it just for kicks.

But by the time the kicks got serious, Roke was in too deep to think of changing his mind ...

Main Characters:
Daniel Roke
Edward, Earl of October
Elinor Tarren
Patricia Tarren
Hedley Humber
P.J. Adams

Daniel Roke is a trainer, a stable hand and a couterespionage agent.
Elinor Tarren is a student at Durham University.

Comes after: Nerve

Villain and Motives: Spoilers! Click here to reveal the villain!

... my sister Belinda says you don't often meet a businessman you can mistake for an Italian peasant.

Grand and glorious scenery it was, to his fresh eyes. But to me, walls.

"What are the three b's of number ten?" ...
"Whether you could be bribed or budgeoned or blackmailed ... into changing sides."

highlight the area beneath the question to discover the answer
1. What is Patty wearing underneath her dress when she tries to seduce Daniel?

2. Which sister does Daniel prefer, if either?

3. What does the villain use to 'train' the horses?
a whistle and a whip

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