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Second Wind

"Delirium brings comfort at the end."

Date of Publication: 1999

Publisher: Michael Joseph, Ltd. (London)

Foreign Titles:

Setting: London (BBC offices), Florida, Trox Island, Caribbean

The catastrophic power of a giant hurricane can raise coastal waves thirty feet high and blow through houses at speeds far above those of tennis balls served by champions. Perry Stuart, TV meteorologist working routinely before cameras, chiefly predicts periods of English drizzle, with burst of heavier rain and sunshine to follow. His life calm and ordered, his face familiar to every British household, Stuart's profound weather knowledge and accuracy have given him high status among forecasters, but no physical baptism by storm.

Not, that is, until a fellow forecaster offers him a Caribbean hurricane-chasing ride in a small aeroplane as a holiday diversion. By frightening accident, Stuart learns more secrets from the flight than wind speeds -- and back home in England he faces threats and danger as deadly as anything that nature can evolve.

Main Characters:
Perry Stuart
Kris Ironside
Robin and Evelyn Darcy
Amy and Michael Ford
Belladonna Harvey
Caspar Harvey
Perry's Grandmother
Oliver Quigley
John Rupert
Glenda and George Loricroft
Jett van Els

Perry Stuart and Kris Ironside are both meteorologists and weather forecasters.
Caspar Harvey is a businessman. He grows barley, etc. and owns racehourses.
Jett van Els is a nurse.

Comes after: Field of Thirteen

Villain and Motives: Click here to reveal the villain!

"Did a murderer, I wondered, live deep within us all?"

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