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The Edge

"I'd never realized how easy it was to mislead."

Date of Publication: 1988

Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons

Foreign Titles: Gegenzug German

On board the" Great Transcontinental Mystery Race Train", a cross Canada train trip which stops at various cities in Canada for special races. Owners, grooms, stable lads and racing enthusiasts are aboard for a week of fun. Some of the race horses are aboard, too.

The British Jockey Club receives a veiled threat from Julius Apollo Filmer that something may sabotage the Great Transcontinental Mystery Race Train, whose purpose is to promote Canadian racing. Tor Kelsey is an agent for the Jockey Club on board the train to watch for trouble. Working undercover, Tor must anticipate trouble, stop it before it starts, and get solid evidence against Filmer, who has a history of walking from the courtroom a free man when witnesses mysteriously refuse to testify. In doing so, Tor must conceal his identity as a Jockey club agent. Making his job more difficult are the family of Canada's richest owner who are traveling on the train, the flamboyant new partner and possible paramour of Filmer and a mysterious ex-railroad man now traveling with the stable lads and grooms on the journey. A further complication is the mystery that is staged on the train for the amusement of the passengers. There are mishaps and near misses which endanger the lives of people on the train and Tor's life as well.

Main Characters:
Tor Kelsey
Julius Apollo Filmer
Daffodil Quentin
Mercer Lorrimore
Sheridan Lorrimore
Xanthe Lorrimore

Tor Kelsey is a jockey club agent. He is the eyes and ears on the race course for the Security Service. He has a special ability of looking non- descript and changing his appearance so criminals are not aware of his existence as he gathers proof of their deeds.

Comes after: Hot Money

Villain and Motives:
Julius Apollo Filmer Psychological motivation seems to be a need to intimidate. He forces people to sell their hot prospects, intimidates witnesses and never seems to get caught. His motivation for sabotaging this train trip is a bit of revenge on the Jockey Club for wanting to warn him off.

"My father says that one's not better because one's richer, but richer because one's better."

"It's time someone told you to your face what a slimy putrid blob of spit you are and gave back some of the hatred you sow."

"I work for you, for the Service, rather than in banking or farming and so on because I like it, and I'm not all that bad at what I do, really, and it's useful, and I'm not terribly good at twiddling my thumbs. I don't know that I would die for you. Is that what you want?"

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