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The Jacobite Cypher
from the Golden Chronicles

Cattle sleep at night
Walls of darkness round them.
Songs of owl afright, but
Cannot confound them.
Break of day will brighten,
Stiff and chill the wind,
Zealously to waft away
Bat and elfin-kind.
Banish every fear, my dear.
Summer's almost here.
Up and down the hill and vale
Daringly the eagle flies.
I would give my soul to be
Soaring past the wind, as he.
Sorry me.
You be free.
Odd, how gently they come home,
Wooing peace once more.
Riding off they were not so.
Is it ever thus with war?
Frequently, it seems mankind
Terrifies or trembles.
All is quiet in the city.
See the pigeons in the square,
Indignant. Waiting for their corn or bread.
Is it not strange, and dead?
Enthralling to see the streets so bare.
On mansion and hovel drifts snow, so white.
One will bring food to the pigeons tonight.
Answer: Cancrizans Priory

Note: Cancrizans Priory is the featured dwelling in Love's Duet as well as being the location of the treasure as discovered in Cherished Enemy.