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Please NOTE: This is not a real game. This page is written tongue in cheek in the spirit of the wonderful "How to Host a Murder" with an eye to Patricia Veryan's novels. You cannot order this. It does not exist.

This game of murder includes:

By separate invitation, you and a select few others have been invited to Dominer as the weekend guests of the Duke of Marbury. As Muffin's guest, I thought you might be interested in some information about the house and, perhaps, about the other guests that will be present during your stay. I have enclosed a brief biography of each guest. Dominer is an old, elegant stone building situated in England. It has been in the main residence of the Dukes of Marbury for the last 150 years surviving even this most recent Jacobite Rebellion which pitted English against Scot and ravaged both our lands. In this year of our lord 1746, we welcome you to Dominer.

I welcome you on behalf of the Duke and the entire Dominer household, and I hope your stay will be a pleasant one.


Dr. Robert MacTavish, Roland Fairleigh Mathieson, Fiona Bradford, Sorrenson, Captain Jacob Holt, Clorinda Ericson, Gordon Chandler, Penelope Chandler

DR. ROBERT MACTAVISH Dr. MacTavish, alias Victor, is a Scot who would be friends with Roland Mathieson if not for the fact that they used to be on opposite sides. Since Roland's aid in the treasure incident, MacTavish has revised his opinion, somewhat favorably. He no longer calls Roland a "devious hound", but he doesn't fully trust him either. He knows him as Fairleigh. Robert as a wife, Rosa, in Wales, and a sister, Prudence, who is married to Penelope's brother. Robbie is an ex-Jacobite. Costume suggestion: no wig, sober clothes, doctor's medical bag.

ROLAND FAIRLEIGH MATHIESON A infamous ex-bounty hunter, Roland Fairleigh is hated by two of the guests, loved by three and the rest have abstained from resolute opinion. Roland is the illegitimate grandson of the Duke of Marbury with whom he has a tenuous relationship. Hellishly handsome and somewhat immoral, Roland is bound and determined to change his ways for his fiancée, Fiona. However, both Gordon and Penelope have good reason to hate him and are equally determined to make him pay for his crimes. Roland is known alternately as Fairleigh, Mathieson and Captain Otton (the latter under which he committed most of his crimes). Although Roland is sarcastic and ruthless, he never breaks his given word. Costume suggestion: Black velvet coat, black breeches, eyepatch and colichemarde (small sword).

FIONA BRADFORD As Roland's fiancée, Fiona has a secure position in the house. She is a favorite of the Duke of Marbury for her spunk, beloved by Roland for her good heart and admired by MacTavish. Although English, She is Clorinda Ericson's granddaughter. She sees the good in everyone and is oft characterized as innocent and naive. She is, however, tactless and very resourceful as the onion incident can testify. Costume suggestion: modest, non-flashy dress.

SORRENSON A faithful man to Roland Mathieson, Sorrenson is serious and quiet but fierce in his loyalty. Costume Suggestion: Brown and silver livery.

CAPTAIN JACOB HOLT Holt is nephew to the Duke and cousin to Roland. He is a captain in the British army and during the aftermath of the rebellion hunted down (semi-successfully) Jacobites with the help of his cousin. Sober and withdrawn, he is only won to smiles by his cousin who invariably makes him laugh. He was on the trail of Robert MacTavish in the past, but knows him under the name Dr. Robert Victor. He assumes that Victor was duped by a Jacobite. If he knew the true nature of Robert, Penelope, Gordon, Clorinda, Fiona and even Roland's ties to the Jacobites, he would feel duty-bound to turn them into the crown. Therefore, it's best he doesn't find out. Costume Suggestion: 1740s Lobsterback uniform.

CLORINDA ERICSON Clorinda is Fiona's grandmother. Her first love was the Duke of Marbury, her second was a Scot. Has serious ties to the Jacobites and their Rebellion. Probably knew Bonnie Prince Charlie. Fond of Roland but not blind to his faults. Costume Suggestion: Regal attire. Satin dress with jewelled necklace. Fan.

GORDON CHANDLER Brother to the Jacobite Roland tortured, Gordon has a searing hatred for the bounty hunter. They had a duel once that ended in Gordon's defeat (obviously Roland spared him). Gordon is passionate but reserved, protective and married. Very fond of riding. Costume Suggestion: Riding clothes and crop.

PENELOPE CHANDLER Penelope is Gordon's sister-in-law. She also hates Roland not only for torturing her husband, but also for his abuse of her and his attempt to marry her against her will. Penelope is strong, aggressive and beautiful. Costume Suggestion: Riding habit.